This currency will outperform bitcoin, price was suddenly increased 140 times

New Delhi: The craze of  bitcoin ( cryptocurrency ) has increased rapidly as its prices have registered a sharp jump in the last one year. But another virtual currency is going to bump it, that is  etherum  or ether. After the launch of this virtual currency, the price was $ 10 for two years but in 2017 it suddenly increased so much that it reached the level of $ 1400 (January 2018). Now investors are investing money in it. The 19-year-old Russian programmer launched it in 2015. However, after banning business in cryptocurrencies of various countries, the price of one etherum fell to $ 700. Even then, investors are considering investing in it more attractive than other cryptocurrencies. They believe that it will overtake bitcoin.

Most likely, Ethereum’s market cap,  Hubert Ojevski, director (business development)
of the Blockchain Board of  Derivatives , said that etherum would outpace all cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. When Bitcoin became the world’s largest digital currency after its release in 2009, the world was going through a recession at that time. A recession that was seen decades later. People associated with bitcoin felt that bitcoin would change the entire financial system. There have been around 1500 cryptocurrencies since her arrival. Those who brought them brought such breathtaking offers that cannot be trusted. In this case, the example of LiteCoin and bitcoin cash was given, in which transaction cost was less. The objective of I etherm during that time was not only to provide good platform to investors at the technical level but also to beat bitcoin.

Is judged equivalent to gold Bitcoin to
  is the way the virtual currency, but its value is estimated at the equivalent of gold. Times of India quoted investor Alexandra Solberger as saying that the system of bitcoin is limited, so I changed my cryptocurrency portfolio and invested in Ethereum. My experience here was completely different. It has been developed as a software. No other tool is required to run it. It is being liked only because of its effortless platform.

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